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Notorious Note also known as Cnote of the Ozone Pilots, has recently changed his name dropping the C and leaving only the Note. He earned the Notorious title behind his name based on his profound vocabulary and unique skill for word play. Note delivers not only quality relatable music but it is tieless as well. Anywhere from hypre turn up party music to strip club bangers, all the way to mellow soft seanading R&B you name it “Note” lays it down! His versatile ability has been a major asset to him throughout his career allowing him to make hit records in almost every genre of music. Notes long track history in the music industry has propelled his career into stardom and is only a matter of time before the world is exposed to his dope creative musical talents. He was born and raised in Miami FL and spent the last few years of his teenage adult life in the DMV. He started his own independent record label known as Ozone Pilots ENT. started in 2012 and has been killing the game ever since with his consistent and dedicated work ethic. His last single “Twerk About” It is his biggest record in his career breaking ” ” streams on SoundCloud and many other musical platforms.


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