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Jax Camile


Jax Camile began her career in Entertainment as an intern at Bryant Management in the summer of 2010 after completing her third semester at University of Arizona.
During the incarceration of multi-platinum music icon Lil Wayne, as well as the emerging careers of superstars Nicki Minaj and Drake, Jax’s role quickly evolved as she played a key role in daily logistics for all three artists for the next four years.

After taking a break from touring with the “Big 3” in 2014, Jax worked a one year accounting project at Hasbro Studios in Burbank , CA where she gained comprehensive knowledge in the finance and accounting department within Entertainment Television and Gaming. Later in 2016, Jax moved to Atlanta, GA where she served as the lead day-to-day Logistics Manager for Lil Wayne and Vice President of Operations for The Blueprint Group. Since dominating other positions such as, the executive assistant to legendary Producer/Director, Chris Robinson for Twenty-First Century Fox TV, General Manager of Generation Now/Atlantic Records, to name a few, it is evident that Jax has a genuine passion for the music business and excels in any role.

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