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J Lee


Johnny Lee George aka ” J Lee” is a Producer/Songwriter/Artist in music and pop culture. Playing drums at the young age of 4 years old, which later spread to multiple instruments that he played in church. J Lee then began playing in school bands, local churches and venues, and music recording studios. After playing music for his friend and mentor Tony, who was a sony music engineer. Tony suggested “Johnny since you can play all the instruments, why not do all the arrangements and start producing the songs”. J Lee took his advice and used his limitless talent to produce music in multiple genres ranging from pop, hip hop, rock, country and even composing classical pieces. J Lee creates music by listening to the universe and echoing what he hears through musical notation. Being influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Timbaland, Pharrell, J Dilla and Rza to name a few. J Lee likes to blend sounds from the past to tell the future’s story. Stay tuned for a creative list of musical compositions to come from this new artistic visionary, J Lee.

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