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Maddie The Baddie


Madeline Hamilton also known as Maddie The Baddie, a talented singer & songwriter, from Queens, NY.Growing up with talented siblings Madeline was always encouraged by her family to push her music but she did not know how to go about it. Her music is inspired by her family struggles, watching her single mother try to piece her family together in financial difficulties. Moving state to state along the east coast boarder is where Madeline entered a lotterybased High School of Preforming Arts. The school gave her a glimpse of the spotlight, with performances at The Statue of Liberty on Good Morning America, CarnegieHall as well as The Lincoln Center. In Senior year she got accepted to a private collage and perused nursing. Shortly after her first semester the school sent her a termination letter for non payment, her family unfortunately could not afford her education.A notebook filled with pain and passion as the years passed Madeline a single mother in Brooklyn, NY. Scanning groceries at Costco and wondering why she often questioned why she was not perusing her passion in singing. With prayers and advice from close family and friends she decided to reroute her career to California and signed with JV Team Inc. Her pain speaks through her words, her rapbacks up any opponent, and her melody can light up the dancefloor. This is Maddie the Baddie.