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Harris P. Gordy Brown


Harris P. Gordy Brown, a Mississippi Native whom served his country for
10 years in the United States Army and Navy established himself as a business
professional in 2005. Mr. Brown a Masters in Business/Marketing and has been
self-employed for over 10 years. Within the last 3 to 5 years he discovered the
restaurant market, and his focus has been on My Fish Stop, LLC
( with a client base of over 10,000. He also established
himself as a Record Producer for artist like David Sabastian, Mia Kodak, and Sada
James, all independent artists groomed under The Matrixx Productions Inc. Mr.
Brown has held 3 Director and 4 President titled jobs in the last 20 years. He now
joins Juvahn Victoria Inc. as Chief Operations Officer and looks toward seeking a
Grammy with JV Inc. recording artist like Juvahn Victoria, Squalla, Notorious
“Note”, and Sada James.