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J.N.A. are a dynamic duo straight out of Harlem. One minute apart in age, these identical twins have their own individual unique sound & personality. Jonathans angelic voice is captivating, with harmonies that are reminiscent of a young Babyface alongside, Aaron who consensus in Alto. Aaron ingenuity with the guitar and piano as well as rap, go hand in hand with his other half harmony. Two brothers with the same mission sing volumes, touch the audience with their music and leave impressions everywhere they go with their charm. The true definition of Twinning, undeniable Twinsync is here to captivate the music industry.

As the years matured Aaron and Jonny Dilakian they struggled to prioritize many talents that they were born with. The basketball was in sync with their heartbeat across the street from the projects in Harlem where they resided growing up. In their teens they showed face in spreads like Vogue magazine and Diesel campaigns worldwide, although modeling paid the bills it did not bring passion to them, they were bigger than the attractive face and manikin figure. When COVID spread like wild fire Aaron and Jonathan decided to use their unemployment checks from ushering at Carnigie Hall on music equipment. Although the cheap equipment could not cater much, their voice and talent bloomed through their speakers of their grandmothers 700 Sq foot apartment.

The harmony wondered to the ears at JV Inc, and prepared a flight to California to work with award winning producers. The pen to the contract did not come easy as their families opinions fogged up their minds, ultimately they allowed their faith to decide and put their trust in Team JV Inc.

With the short time frame J.N.A. has been working, they have woken the hunger in them and developed so much skill and composition. They have found their calling, they will no longer be the ushers in a venue they will be on the stage.

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