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Serenity Lynn is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter and Musician from Los Angeles, California. Her music is a mix of Singer-Songwriter, Pop and RnB with a bit of her voice’s natural Country twang. She met her manager, Oscar, beginning of 2020 and signed with JVINC in July with dreams of making an impact with her music and inspiring others. It was her mother who inspired her to begin singing at a very young age and was making up her own songs as soon as she could talk. She grew up in a very musical family surrounded by Country and Classic rock lovers, with her father playing guitar and singing and her mother playing piano and singing. She soon taught herself Guitar (at the age of 10) and Piano (at the age of 8) and even surpassed her parents skills, taking that with her to begin giving kids beginning guitar lessons on the side. Being surrounded by music her whole upbringing, it’s all she’s ever wanted to do and with no plan B, shes determined to make her dreams come true.


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